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Seiðr - True Nordic Nature

Introducing Seiðr to the Norwegian marked, Hun Etablerer activated an interactive and engaging PR event for influencers and other health profiles as an ideal activity to raise awareness surrounding Seiðr Skincare.

The concept was True Nordic Nature - reflecting the revolutionary technology that ABT represents, the guests were invited to a wonderful and colorful breakfast with a cozy vibe at Oslo Raw café.

In addition, the food was made with vegan and natural ingredients to match the Seiðr branding of nature. On the menu were Afternoon Tea towers with vegan cakes and food.

To engage the guests, an Seiðr representative presented the Seiðr range, as well as the secrets of Seiðr essential ingredients with transformative powers, cultivated by timeless nature.

The memorable event was an incredible success with over 20 guests in attendance. The happening stimulated incredible resonance, boosting loyalty and contributing to placing Seiðr top of mind with a hyped position in the market.

Photos: Dmitry K. Valeberg

Hun Etablerer offered targeted concept development and complete integrated project management for a frictionless planning process and execution, ensuring maximum output for Seiðr. The event generated an immense amount of immediate coverage on social media yielding a substantial ROI for the client.

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